Louella ReynoldsThanks for visiting “Our Children Left Behind“. This blog is dedicated to a mother named Louella Reynolds, she’s the mother of an autistic son who’s over the years learned effective methods to communicate with her son. She at first struggled with finding people in her circle of friends and community that she could talk to and get advise from and made this blog as a place where teachers and parents of autistic children can come together and share helpful advice and resources.

We will try to make this site as helpful as possible to parents, guardians, and teachers of children on the autism spectrum.  This blog will discuss some useful methods to assist and communicate with autistic children,  including the following topics:

  1. Sensory Integration Therapy 101
  2. How to Calm and Sooth
  3. Communicating with Other Adults About Autism
  4. Can Diet Help With Autism?
  5. Encouraging Communication With your NonVerbal Child
  6. Asperger’s Or High Functioning Autism